About Us

We believe in your greatness

Maniche (pronounced as Man-ee-ki) is not just a brand. It’s a story that’s been stitched together by us in our mission to create garments that make people look good, feel good, and tap into their own greatness. Our T-shirts are focused on durability, the fit factor and are created in a way that compliments all body types.

We combine high-grade printing technology with young, bold, and fun designs. All Maniche garments age beautifully and their texture, fit, and print enhances with every wash. Maniche’s garments are crafted in India with local Indian artisans. Our garments are made in 100% cotton and are perfect for all kinds of situations. Whether you’re out to ace a business meeting or are going to celebrate with your friends, you will always feel great in Maniche! Worn in everyday life and are also a great fit for special occasions. We care about climate change and in our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint, we have taken a pledge to always give you 100% biodegradable packaging for all our products.